Think Big

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Circus director René Baldoni talks candidly about his path to creating his own circus.

He was born in 1965 under completely normal circumstances in a working class family where the values ​​were to have enough for the day and the road.

René dreamed of more, but when you in your family and circle of friends, can not find inspiration and learning for what you want, you have to go completely different ways. It led to an eternal search for knowledge on how to live out one’s dreams and potentials. Deep down, he knew it could be done just by believing in it.

He has gathered this lifelong knowledge and experience in this inspiring book, where the philosophy of creating the life you want is described in the form of easily accessible techniques, so that the reader can create a different life for himself, if that is what he wants.

Of course, one can also read the book for the sake of history, it is exciting and gives a picture of a fiery soul who has gone through fire and water to achieve what he is passionate about.


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